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Pirates of the Caribbean Editors Notes



Gail Selinger supplied the historical pop-ups in this Blu-Ray version of Pirates of the Caribbean:The Curse of the Black Pearl. Gail had to come up with a different historical fact relating to the on scene action every minute to minute and a half of film. Though it required two grueling 18 hour days that got “a bit silly” she is very proud of the information that she provided for the film makers and their viewers.






The Princess Bride gail Selinger



Gail Selinger is interviewed for her pirate expertise in the special features section for The Dread Pirate Roberts and Buttercup DVD editions of this cult classic. Gail reveals stories about the real pirates that sailed the Caribbean. She compares The Dread Pirate Roberts character in the film with the real life pirate Captain Black Bart Roberts who sailed the seas in the 1720’s.







True Caribbean Pirate On the History Channel with Gail Selinger

Gail Selinger is one of the many experts interviewed in this History Channel special. Just two years after Columbus first set foot in the Bahamas, the Pope granted Spain exclusive right to the Caribbean and most of the New World. The Spanish reaped an immense fortune in gold and silver. England, France, and Holland all established Caribbean bases and used privateers to protect their interests and steal Spanish treasure. The line between privateering and piracy became blurred. TRUE CARIBBEAN PIRATES examine this Golden Age of Piracy.TVPGcc


Modern Marvels: pirate Tech On the History Channel with Gail Selinger

Gail Selinger moderates this hour of Pirate Tech. Pirates being bold, cunning, and audacious, pirates are a breed of fighting men and women who have terrorized the high seas since before recorded history. In the 1700’s they literally influenced the fate of nations when they became embroiled in the rivalry between England and Spain. This special visits maritime museums and shipwreck sites, utilizes walk-and-talk demonstrations of fire arms, swords and navigation instruments to help spotlight the innovations pirates brought to maritime technology.  TVPG cc

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